The New Nostalgia

by Cameron Hurd

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Recorded Summer of '08
At Emuran Chord Studios
Copyright Human Records 2008.


released November 16, 2008



all rights reserved


Cameron Hurd

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Track Name: Keep it Together
Arrest me only for breaking curfew,
But it's late at night, and you're on my mind
And I wanted you to know,
You're probably the only one awake anyway

'Cause I've been holding onto this so long,
Asking memories to keep me strong
But inside myself, I know the truth,
It's every day that I see you,
I keep it together - you keep me together

A lesson only for those with virtue
Don't be frightened, keep those bright eyes shining,
And I know it isn't fair,
You're probably the only one who could keep them away

Track Name: Stars Without The T
It's always night out, in this empty room
My wide-eyed fears have nearly turned to sleep

I forget what it's like to want leave tonight
I'm only two weeks in but it's still not right

Why are you feeling sorry?
I toughed it out and here I am right now.
Hold on too long, and you'll struggle just to breathe
Or leave it all behind and start again.

Emptiness collapse and leave me blind
Your false regime was never all that kind

I forget what it's like to want leave tonight
I'm only two weeks in but it's still not right

Track Name: Fight Music
Bleed it out the moment before you step into the ring
Empty threats and empty nooses that are challenging me

It's just the face that you act such a tough game when the blame is yours, assigning it tenfold to thos who oppose and you go and unload and you talk trash, and just that.

'Cause you leave me with dry eyes and a sense of pride,
The fight music's on won't you come and dance with me?
You talked the talk now walk toe walk with me.

Bleeding and misleading us all, in reality it's just a fall.
Band-aids for your battle scars - smooth on your arms